Learning to read and learning while reading

Published on 11 December 2023 at 15:31

Reading opens doors to infinite possibilities. Whether you get lost in a captivating plot, lose yourself in informative texts, or simply enjoy the magic of words: Reading is a journey into undiscovered worlds.

But let's face it, most kids these days don't enjoy reading very much, and that seems to be affecting their reading skills. In fact, recent PISA research shows that their reading achievement levels have once again declined.
This begs the question: Are children not enjoying reading because they are insufficiently literate? Or are they insufficiently literate because they have not learned to like reading? It seems to me to be a chicken-and-egg story, where one can affect the other both positively and negatively.

This emphasizes the importance of instilling a love of reading in children early. This can be done by reading to your child at an early age to help them experience that reading is fun. When children are older, interactive reading aloud can be a fine way to accomplish that.

Interactive reading aloud is an active and engaged way of reading aloud in which the reader and listener engage in dialogue together. While reading aloud, encourage your child to ask questions, share thoughts and respond to the story. This encourages not only language development, but also the child's understanding and creative thinking. Choose an appealing (picture) book and take turns reading a page to each other, if you want your child to read on their own as well. That will be fun together!

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