In the action plan, which you will be emailed at the end of the start period, you will find the focus areas, or learning objectives for which your child will receive tutoring. They are Based on the Dutch learning objectives and learning paths of primary education. Each learning objective builds on the previous one, the structure and sequence carefully considered. 

Slimmerik starts the lessons at the point where your child has not yet fully mastered certain - specific - subjects. These subjects are taught, practiced and repeated in (various) concrete ways. Subsequently the next learning objective is addressed, and then the next and so on, with a short repetition of previous learning objectives built in every now and then, to prevent your child from

This approach ensures that your child experiences success and guarantees a solid foundation in each discipline. This ensures that your child can make the transition to high school with confidence.

learning materials

To make lessons more varied, meaningful and fun for your child, learning materials are usually used instead of worksheets. These materials are very diverse, always align with established learning goals and prompt your child to act, making learning feel just a little different.