How do the children experience taking extra classes? What do they learn from it and what benefits do they derive from it? Here my pupils share their personal experiences.

In addition, I regularly receive drawings, notes and gifts, some of which are really special. I invite you to read on and have fun doing so!

English translation:

I always like to do the extra lessons. So many new things I learn!

I think Miss Inge is a very sweet teacher!

I learn so much during the sessions: spelling, math and reading comprehension! I am also super up with everything! Also a good fear of failure coach.

For an hour of learning, the time goes by fast.

The best thing I like about her is that she contacts your teacher. Helps a lot!

The blue princess, the red farmer and the green man jump along the number line. Always 10 more or less.

English translation:

I always have a good time with Inge. She is a good teacher!!! I can read and write better. I have nicer handwriting!!!

English translation:


Hi I'm Davey and I have tutoring with Inge. I started tutoring since the summer vacations. She saw what I still needed to learn and that I still found multiplication difficult. And also verb spelling. I practiced a lot at home and during tutoring. And now I haven't gotten a fail in school for those parts.

English translation:

Hi, I'm Frederique,

I was asked what I think about tutoring. Let me tell you: I find it

great, fun, instructive and sociable.

English translation:

I had learned to write neatly and works very well. I also improved in spelling, 3 years to be exact. And verb spelling (conjugation) too. We also read words, which is improving. And also multiply and divide have improved. And it's quite fun.